wooden furnitures

For this wooden furniture, we use mahogany wood, mindi wood, teak wood, reclaimed wood, and also forest product root wood. There are several designs that we work on, such as colonial style, simple contemporary, minimalist, and also a combination with iron and other materials. For this type of finishing, we apply the stain process, the paint process, and also natural rustic.

rattan furnitures

In this product, we use rattan and natural wicker, such as banana leaf, water hyacinth, sea grass. This type of furniture will create a warm feel to the roar, and is very comfortable to use. The type of finishing process that we apply is the natural color stain process


The variety of materials used is very large, because this product is not only small, it can also use more than one material in each product. Generally we use solid wood, wooden twigs, glass, paper, bamboo, rattan, and others.